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Small Claims Service - Assisted

Help for your small claims filing and service of your notice in Washington State. Please be advised we are not attorneys and do not offer legal advice we  just facilitate the document filing needs and service of process. 

We provide a review of  your papers then a subsequent filing with the court clerk. After filing we find and serve the defendant same day and execute the proof of service. Finally, we will file and send your copies back for court. All documentation will be sent back to you by email and by usps first class mail. 

We do it all for you, it's just that simple!

125 + filing fee 29$

Step 1

Fill out this form below with your information and send it to us. We will call you to confirm the details.  
Small Claim Form

Step 2

Mail us your "signed" form and we will file and serve. Make your payment  below or send a check with your form. 
Submit Your Payment

Step 3

We file and find your defendant, then serve him. Next we file the proof of service and mail it back to you. You show to your court date and collect your judgement, and it's just that simple!

Yes it's just that easy..

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